Founded in 1975, Escotel is a French Company specializing in the construction of network and telecommunications infranstruture, and a subsidiary of the Constructel Group since 2018.

With this takeover, the Constructel Group has one hand strengthened its geographical locations in France and, on the other hand, increased its own experienced resources in the field of energy and digital technology.

A long-standing partner of Orange, Escotel offers a full range of services, with expert know-how in all activities, from planning and construction to maintenance, on the network or at the customer.


In 2021, in the Gender Equality Professional Index, Escotel obtained the result of 95/100. Other relevant indicators:

  • Wage gap indicator - 40/40
  • Indicator related to the difference in the rate of individual raises (excluding promotions) – 35/35
  • Indicator referring to the percentage of employees who received a raise in the year following their return from maternity leave -15/15
  • Indicator relating to the number of workers of the underrepresented gender among the 10 highest paid workers – 5/10