Gatel is a company that operates in the area of industrial electrical networks and electrical networks in road and rail tunnels, serving large French public works companies, namely CEGELEC, ETDE, SPIE, CLAMECY, SNCF Railways of France and AREA - La Société des autoroutes Rhône-Alpes, which have a special presence in the European, African, American, Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Gatel was acquired in 2008 by Visabeira Global, aiming to strengthen and diversify Visabeira Group presence in French territory, where it holds an important operation in the area of telecommunications.

In 2021, in the Gender Equality Professional Index, Gatel obtained the result of 25/45-Non Calculable.


Groupment des Artisans pour la Télécommunication, S.A.S. ZA La Sage
73330 Domessin - France
T. +33 4 76 31 26 90 (call to international fixed network)
F. +33 4 76 31 26 91
E. general@gatelenergy.com