"Successful careers are not planned. They develop when people are prepared for opportunities because they know their strengths"

Peter Drucker

Working at Visabeira Group

The People

Currently with a staff of almost 10,000 people, Visabeira Group has always viewed human resources as the main key for its success, reinforcing its commitment to a corporate culture of professional and personal enrichment, constantly supported by its teams’ competence and focused on the best solutions for its customers.

In this sense, the Group operates based on a fully integrated management, oriented towards maintaining its values and having as pillars:

  • The training of motivated, ambitious people and teams;
  • The permanent development of innovation-oriented competences;
  • The creation of opportunities that privilege creativity;
  • A management continuously focused on competitiveness;
  • The streamlining of a highly dynamic structure.

The main orientations of our human resources development strategy are:

  • A recruitment and selection policy that is thoroughly business oriented and adapted to the Group’s organizational reality;
  • Performance and career management, identifying potential leaders and rewarding the best performances;
  • Creation and permanent updating of training plans, aimed at developing the skills valued by the Group;
  • Continuous integration of young business executives and investment in their evolution as our main asset for the future.


What we look for

Visabeira Group’s growth is based on determination and ambition, being characterized by constant challenges. As such, investment in human resources is a permanent feature of the Group’s business culture. In order to strengthen operational capacity, the Group regularly integrates people from different areas who identify with its values, thus providing all sectors of activity with the most competent professionals.


Visabeira Group’s goal is to build relationships based on mutual trust and credibility and to have a competent, proactive and committed staff. The Group privileges dynamism, ambition, creativity and innovation in its organizational environment and aims at strengthening these values in a strong leadership and a corporate culture of rigor, flexibility, specialization and customer-orientation, aimed at obtaining extraordinary results.